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Connect. Share. Learn. Grow.

Social groups help children and teens learn to observe themselves and others in a group setting. These observations are vital to adjusting behavior allowing interactions with others (friends, family, peers) to be meaningful and meet social expectations. 

All participants enrolled in social groups are screened by age and social functioning level to ensure they are placed in the appropriate group that will provide them with the most social growth potential. Each group uses a targeted curriculum and concepts specific to the needs of the group. 

Social Groups meet once a week for one clinical hour per session. The last ten minutes of the session will be spent with parents and caregivers to review strategies and generalize the information learned during the session to continue in other environments. 

Our Social Groups


AGES 5-7 

This group is designed for our youngest social thinkers. The group engages children in an environment that fosters social interaction through games, activities, and literature based lesson plans using  curriculum from Incredible Flexible You. 


AGES 7-10 

The next level of social thinker is needing a higher level of social interaction appropriate for their development. The science of Social Thinking  is introduced as well as continuing interactions through games and literature based lesson plans. 


AGES 10-13 

Participants in this group engage in an environment that promotes the use of higher level pragmatic skills. The use of multi-modality activities highlighting various pragmatic skills including: perspective talking, conversation and problem solving in social situations. 



In this group, pragmatic skills are applied to functional environments relating to home, school and the community. Lesson plans target initiation of conversation and life skills. Outings are occasionally used to help generalize skills in various environments. 

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