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Fast ForWord 

Fast ForWord is an evidence-based, adaptive reading and language computer program that uses the principles of neuroplasticity- the ability of the brain to rewire and improve- to target the root causes of slow progression in students with disabilities, dyslexia, struggling readers, and English language learners.  Fast ForWord delivers 1-2 years gain in 40-60 hours of use for any struggling learner!  The unique brain-based approach has been proven to target the root causes of reading and language difficulty and to deliver lasting results that make better readers and lifelong learners. 

Wings Speech & Language has been a leading provider of the Fast ForWord program in the San Gabriel Valley and Inland Empire since 2007. All Wings staff members are fully versed in the life changing results the Fast ForWord program can bring to our clients. 

How Does Fast ForWord Work? 

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Language and reading mastery are among the most difficult challenges a child faces. When a child listens, talks or reads, he or she must use multiple brain areas. For some children, this process can be laborious and can lead to low self-esteem and academic struggle. 

With the Fast ForWord program, your child will receive personalized, intensive practice on a wide variety of language and reading skills—more than any other approach or intervention. Intensity is the key to getting far better results.


The Fast ForWord program prepares the brain for reading and language by improving the cognitive skills that are weak in struggling students using a concept called M.A.P.S. : Memory, Attention, Processing, Sequencing.  With these four key areas of the brain functioning and working together, struggling students find it easier to retain, recall and retell learned information. 

At Wings, your child will be paired with a one-to-one coach to help them navigate through the brain exercises in the Fast ForWord program for an intensive 7 week course.  Courses begin every summer, so be sure to reserve your child's spot! Space is limited! 

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