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Opening the Doors to Communication

"The limits of my language mean the limit of my world..." 

                                                                                           - Ludwig Wittgenstein 

Wings Speech and Language Center offers a broad spectrum of services to help individuals struggling with speech and language for a variety of reasons. Our expert Speech-Language Pathologists work in tandem with our highly skilled Speech-Language Pathology Assistants to provide individualized treatment plans to ensure each client receives the appropriate and effective speech therapy. We aim to provide the best care possible to ensure our clients reach their full communication potential to expand the world around them. 

- Apraxia 
- Articulation
- Atypical Speech 
- Auditory Processing 
- Augmentative Communication 
- Autism Spectrum Disorder
- Accent Reduction 
- Cerebral Palsy 
- Cleft Lip/ Palet 
- Developmental Delay 
- Down Syndrome 
- Expressive Disorders
- Fluency Disorders
- Hearing Impairment 
- Language & Speech Disorders 
Language Based Learning Disabilities 
- Pragmatics 
- Social Training 
- Stuttering 
- Oral Motor 
- Other 

​- Communication Skills  

- Conversation Building 

- Expressive Disorders

- Functional Pragmatics  

- Problem Solving 

- Social Pragmatics 

- Social Thinking 

- Perspective Talking 

- Communication Techniques 
- Assist with program modification​
- Provide resources for school staff​

​Educational Services

- Parent Consult and Collaboration

- Assessment & Evaluation

- Cognitive Testing

- School Collaboration

​- Auditory Processing 

- Attention 

- Sequencing 

- Memory 

- Processing 

- Cognitive Skills 

- Critical Language Skills 

​Edmark Reading 

- Vocabulary 

- Comprehension

- Fluency 

- Reading Readiness 

Insurance & Referrals
Kaiser Permanente
Beaver Medical
Private Pay Options 

Call today to schedule your evaluation! 

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